We live in Budapest. We bought our first Russian black terrier in 2004. Soon we gave up making show carrier with her, but her character, intelligence and devotion charmed us during raising her. After she’d gone we decided to always have a BRT and started to search for a puppy immediately.

Thus Zizou came to us from Ukraine at the end of September, in 2005. He became our family’s fantastic, full value member. We get immense of love from him and Zizou makes us laugh every day. Besides to his wonderful character he has excellent endowments: he accomplished the conditions of the Interchampion’s title at the age of 2,5.

We have choosen Olenka after a long search. Both of her parents are Interchampions and champions of several countries, they represent the most famous Russian kennels. Her mother lives in Bulgaria, came from Labrash Kennel, it means that our Olenka presents a new and unique bloodline in Hungary.

Her father is Malahovskiy Adam. We knew his results and photos very well from the Internet before Euro Dog Show 2007, but it was entrancing to meet Adam in Zagreb. His appearance, movement and behaviour surpassed all our expectations.
When the litter was born on 11th of July, 2007. we started to negotiate with their breeder about purchasing a little bitch immediately.
Olenka has already moved to us in September thanks to our friend’s help and assistance in contacting and corresponding in Russian.
Olenka is a much more cheerful and playful dog than the those we have ever had. She stole her way into everybody’s heart in a flash.
We hope that Olenka will be our kennel’s founder bitch. Till that time we are learning this wonderful breed and trying to keep an eye on the news in connection with shows and breeding in Hungary and Europe continously.


The blackies’ groomer is Ms Olga Tóth, who always makes a professional grooming on them. Thanks a lot for her work, kindness and love she takes care of our dogs with.